Over the last 5 years Southport Hall has become a prominent venue in the Wedding Circuit in the New Orleans and Jefferson area. Southport Receptions are built on the promise of giving the wedding couple and their guest the most out of the experience. Southport Hall cannot dazzle you with marble floors, fancy dinnerware and the ambiance of the location. From what you have read so far, I’m sure you have come to the conclusion that we are not trying to be anything that we are not already. Southport Hall is a live music venue, operating out of a turn of the century gambling casino. Southport Hall is all about giving first class service, however our staff will never be caught dead in a tuxedo. Our staff dresses appropriately, but once again we are not pretending to be anything more than what we already are. And what we are is a fun, laid back establishment that allows both you and your guest to be THEMSELVES.

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Southport Hall’s bar and food package prices are made so that the Wedding Couple can decidedly mix and match packages to fit the needs of both themselves and their guest for the best possible experience. Damn, there goes that word experience again. Well how many weddings do you go to where you experience waiting in line for a cocktail in a single line fashion, and you ask yourself, “I thought I was going to a wedding not reliving my grammar school days.” Well that never happens at Southport, our bartenders sling drinks just as if they were at a concert selling drinks. We are not here to make people wait and on average a guest at a Southport reception probably consumes 3 to 4 drinks during a reception here. And what does that entail, a more FUN wedding!!! New items have been put in place, such as The Signature Drink of the Night Option, Projection screen slide shows, and LED lighting in the concert hall, which illuminates all the liquor bottles, windowsills and top of the bar. Our New Orleans style food menu receives rave reviews at all of our events and is sure to impress your guest into saying, “Are we really at Southport, this food is unbelievable.” Southport Hall is the breath of fresh air that so many brides are now looking for, a chance to be themselves, to not feel stuffy at their own reception, and to put a lasting memory of a great time in all their guests minds to last a lifetime. Come check what a over 100 different wedding couples and their guest have already found out over the last 5 years. Southport Hall is the hidden gem that won’t make you feel like you just gave birth to an accountant once you leave!!!